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Our Approach
our approach

Founders and Startups

We focus on nurturing the founders while providing a customized, white-glove service that empowers startups from zero to launch.

LaunchStarz Growth Model

Unlike traditional accelerators, we focus not only on startup growth (Create / Sell product) but also coaching and navigating Founders to overcome the unexpected human factors.

Navigating the Unexpected Human Factors

  • Mindset for startups
  • Understanding local markets and how they do business

    • Culture and Social Norms
    • Etiquette (Regional Specific Meeting Styles, How to leverage, nurture, expand networks, etc.)
  • Specific Operations

    • Communication (Pitch, Email, In-person/Video-call Presentations, Cold Calls)
    • Organizational Development (Hiring, HR, Tax Compliance, etc.)
    • Choosing the Right Professional Services (Lawyer, Accountant, HR & Recruitment Partners etc.)
    • Online and Offline Tools, Resources, Support Groups and Mentors
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Today is the day to launch the business of your dreams. Share your mission with the world - and ALWAYS embrace the uncomfortable!
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