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Core Value
Embrace the Uncomfortable
‍Achieve your passion and joy
our mission
Kokorozashi is defined as a personal mission that unifies passion, inspiration and professional skills to create positive change in society

LaunchStarz’s mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with Kokorozashi to take on challenges and create a better world. They focus on nurturing the founders and leaders while providing a customized, white-glove service that nurtures startups from the initial stages all the way to launch and scale.

They believe that by actively seeking out challenges and discomfort, we can learn, adapt, and discover new aspects of ourselves. When aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders continue to take on challenges in this way, their passion will have a greater impact on society through the businesses and activities they engage in, leading to a more prosperous and livable world.

They understand the struggles, challenges, and unique cultures of startups both in the United States and Japan, which gives them valuable insights into the needs and requirements of founders from all over the world.

The founders of LaunchStarz met at the park through a mutual friend and connected over their shared experiences in the startup world. This immediate bond and passion to help startup founders worldwide led them to create LaunchStarz, a “Launchpad for Founders” entering the US market or vice versa, launching their startup in Japan.

LaunchStarz Principles
Embrace the Uncomfortable

To grow intellectually as a human being is to become a different person. LaunchStarz is helping Founders become Entrepreneurs. Always be learning to achieve your passion. Never back down from a challenge and always be open-minded.

  • Stay motivated, stay out of the box -We say, we do.
Take Ownership

Every LaunchStarz member is a leader. A leader is recognized for a project and is responsible for teams to understand the project, keep up-to-date and stay on schedule to complete it.

  • Every project has a leader who must take ownership and ensure everyone has a clear picture of the desired result. They must make sure that everyone is on the same page during the entire process.
Make it happen

Understand the resources you have at hand and be mindful of them when creating strategies and executing tasks. Come up creative solutions using minimal resources and trust your team members in accomplishing the goal, whatever their execution method may be (within lawful reason).

  • We always make it happen. There’s no such thing as we can’t do this. If there’s something we don’t know how to do, we go out and learn how to do it.

Integrity is the heart of LaunchStarz’s work culture. We support people. We put people at the center of the company. Every LaunchStarz member is dedicated to be respectful to all stakeholders (i.e. customers, business partners, and team members).

  • Always treat teammates exactly the way you want them to treat your best customer. Never be arrogant.
Our Team

World-class team

His mission in life is to deliver life-changing opportunities to as many people as possible.

With his experience of launching and promoting an EdTech startup in Los Angeles and over 17 years of international business experience at Japanese startups and large corporations, he is committed to supporting those who are starting up or establishing new businesses in the US.

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His passion for mentoring and championing budding startups and entrepreneurs is his life goal and what he wants to pass on to the next generation.

He has invaluable experience working 14 years in Japan where he founded 2 startups and excelled at major Japanese tech companies. In addition, he has more than 10 years experience running his own startups in the US as well as working at big tech companies in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach.

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Our Approach
Launch and grow
your business
Today is the day to launch the business of your dreams. Share your mission with the world - and ALWAYS embrace the uncomfortable!
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